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Ajay Nagpal, a senior executive in financial services, advocates for the next generation of social change leaders.

Exciting Ways to Teach Children Financial Literacy _ Ajay Nagpal

Exciting Ways to Teach Children Financial Literacy

It’s clear that financial literacy isn’t a skill our children are taught successfully in school or at home. Just take a look at what we know about the average American consumer: a whopping 80% of Americans have some kind of debt. The average household debt is on the rise, as well. It’s true that some debt (like […]

7-Exciting-Ways-To-Invite-Social-Good-Into-Your-Business | Ajay Nagpal

7 Exciting Ways To Invite Social Good Into Your Business

Successful businesses aren’t just about generating huge sums of revenue and building a massive customer base. It should also stand for something socially good and environmentally advantageous. Running a business with no moral compass will lead to an unhappy and unfulfilling entrepreneurial venture. Fortunately, there’s a lot of ways to invite the element of social […]

What Everyone Ought to Know About These 5 Social Innovator%2FChangemaker Organizations | Ajay Nagpal

What Everyone Ought to Know About These 5 Social Innovator/Changemaker Organizations

Solidarity, cooperation, and cultural diversity are cornerstones of social innovation, which centers on meeting the social needs of the public. A decided focus on fostering community development, education, and health has helped to empower communities, particularly these efforts are coupled with distance learning, online volunteering, activism, and other forms of social purpose innovations. If you’d […]

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Finance Philanthropists Who’ve Shared Their Fortune

There are finance experts who aren’t afraid to spread the wealth. Wealth management, investments, and studying the dynamics of assets are important parts of economics. The science of money management can be raised to build a business, whether one is educated in public finance, corporate finance, or personal finance. More than that, it’s individuals with this […]

Getting Global Social Entrepreneurs to the Next Level

This article originally appeared on Skoll. Echoing Green provides seed funding and technical assistance to emerging social entrepreneurs. Over the last few years we’ve seen a significant increase in innovative enterprises making social change through for-profit business models. This year, 45 percent of applicants to our social entrepreneurship Fellowship program proposed for-profit and hybrid business […]


The Overnight Dominance of 27 FinTech “Unicorns”

According to the publication Business Insider’s financial sector, there are a number of fintech “unicorns” appraised at over $1 billion, and proving to be an overnight success. Square and LendingClub are examples of unicorn business making a splash while others (such as Housing.com and Zenefits) are beginning to lose steam. Since this same time last […]


Grads, Students Organizing Their Debt With Apps: Earnest, Credible, SoFi

CNBC recently published an article articulating apps that help students to organize their debt, making it easier for them commit to repayment. For most graduates, landing a job is easily one of the most important concerns, however, student loan repayment shouldn’t fall by the wayside. Approximately two-thirds of students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in 2016 will […]


This is the first blog post on Ajay Nagpal’s page about social entrepreneurship. Visit again soon to learn more about Echoing Green and Ajay’s passion for supporting emerging leaders.

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