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Ajay Nagpal, a senior executive in financial services, advocates for the next generation of social change leaders.

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Exciting Ways to Teach Children Financial Literacy _ Ajay Nagpal

Exciting Ways to Teach Children Financial Literacy

It’s clear that financial literacy isn’t a skill our children are taught successfully in school or at home. Just take a look at what we know about the average American consumer: a whopping 80% of Americans have some kind of debt. The average household debt is on the rise, as well. It’s true that some debt (like […]

7-Exciting-Ways-To-Invite-Social-Good-Into-Your-Business | Ajay Nagpal

7 Exciting Ways To Invite Social Good Into Your Business

Successful businesses aren’t just about generating huge sums of revenue and building a massive customer base. It should also stand for something socially good and environmentally advantageous. Running a business with no moral compass will lead to an unhappy and unfulfilling entrepreneurial venture. Fortunately, there’s a lot of ways to invite the element of social […]


The Overnight Dominance of 27 FinTech “Unicorns”

According to the publication Business Insider’s financial sector, there are a number of fintech “unicorns” appraised at over $1 billion, and proving to be an overnight success. Square and LendingClub are examples of unicorn business making a splash while others (such as Housing.com and Zenefits) are beginning to lose steam. Since this same time last […]

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