sofi-inlineCNBC recently published an article articulating apps that help students to organize their debt, making it easier for them commit to repayment. For most graduates, landing a job is easily one of the most important concerns, however, student loan repayment shouldn’t fall by the wayside.

Approximately two-thirds of students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in 2016 will graduate with at least some debt, according to Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of Cappex, which a website dedicated to arming students with information on scholarships and colleges. For the average student, the debt level continues to increase, its peaked at more than $37,000 per borrower.

The moment the diploma changes hands, the hands on the clock begin to move, and the debt clock comes to life. Students not only must repay monies owed but must take on accumulating debt.

“Repayment begins six months after the student graduates or drops below half-time enrollment,” Kantrowitz said. “For May graduates, that means November. For June graduates, it’s December.”

Student loan debt is a looming burden for many recent grads. Well over a quarter of graduates have said that “student loan debt would hold them back financially” after they graduate, according to a survey conducted by LendEdu. Also, less have voiced that they’re ready to tackle their student loan debt; just 29 percent said resolving their student loan debt was their primary personal-finance goal.  

Earnest, Credible, SoFi, and Gradible are the names of mobile apps and websites helping students to manage their debt. The numerous options for paying back federal loans, such as income-driven repayment plans through the aforementioned sites, as well as creative programs. Students can also look to to learn more about federal student loan repayment.

Ajay Nagpal is the Chief Operating Officer at investment management firm Millennium. Ajay Nagpal supports social entrepreneurship through his work as a Board member of Echoing Green. Please visit his finance blog to learn more about economics! Also, find him on Behance!